The biggest overall reason that I love Iowa Gathering (and probably why the shoppers love it, too!) is that you have put together a small group of amazingly talented and creative vendors selling goods you will find no where else. While somehow managing to result in a market with a consistent and unique look and feel. 
Small is a key word here, b/c often shoppers think that you have to go to these massive markets and dig through 150+ booths to find cool stuff. And vendors (myself included) think that those are the best markets for sales and exposure b/c they get so much traffic. But let’s get real – those markets are exhausting to shop and sell. They can be fun, but there is no guarantee that the effort put in will equal the results you want. I LOVE being a vendor at IG b/c I know that my experience will be way more chill, I will get to actually interact with the shoppers (which is why I do markets in the first place), and my sales are always amazing. Being a vendor at IG doesn’t feel like work – it feels like we’re all at a beautiful, exclusive party having a blast. 
The other reason I love it is b/c it feels like a family. We all get to know each other and support each other through creativity and business throughout the year. This group is the poster child for community > competition. 

– Sara Spring (Jackson Rose Candle)

Iowa Gathering is, in a word, an experience. It is not simply a market or a place to shop.

It is an atmosphere that energizes, inspires, and unites. The creative minds that come together through the curated vendors and the attendees have developed a community that we are honored to be a part of.

-Caty + Rose Market